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Name of access machine


or ui.cyfronet.pl (possible also combinations of Cyfronet domains: zeus.cyf-kr.edu.pl, zeus.cyfronet.krakow.pl)

Disk resources

Location Limit Purpose Type Backup
Possibility of intense
write and/or read operations
$HOME 7GB user's home directory NFS yes no
$STORAGE 100GB user's data storage GPFS no no
$SCRATCH no limit space for temporary files of tasks Lustre no yes data older than 30 days
will be removed automatically
or $PLG_GROUPS_STORAGE/group_name
sum of grants space for groups directories (PL-Grid) Lustre no no

Available software

Description of all available software is here.

Running jobs

Batch system: Torque

Resources manager: Moab

For purpose of running jobs the knowledge of basic commands of batch system is required.

Queues description

Queue name Maximum number
of user jobs
Maximum job
Maximum number of cores
per user
Additional information
l_test 3 15 minutes 100 queue for testing if job works properly
l_prio 40 1 hour 50 queue dedicated for short jobs, that should compute quickly
l_short 1000 3 hours 2048
l_long 500 72 hours 2048
l_infinite 30 90 days 2048
l_exclusive 700 2 weeks 2048 exclusive queue for parallel jobs with ppn=12
l_bigmem - 1 week 72 access limited
l_interactive 3 72 hours 72 queue for interactive jobs
plgrid-testing 1 1 godzina 12
plgrid 700 72 godziny 1024
plgrid-long 1000 168 godzin 1024

Caution: Administrators can change limits of queues. You can check current limits by command qstat -Q -f <queue_name>

Description of compute nodes properties

Property Description
E5645, X5650, opteron6276 processor model
intel, amd processor producer
mhz2666 processor speed
mem16gb, mem24gb ammount of RAM on compute server
core8, core12, core64 number of cores on compute server
ib_ql Inifniband network of Qlogic company
ib_mlx Infiniband network of Mellanox company
infiniband compute node with Infiniband network

Rules on Zeus cluster

  • Using access machine for performing calculations is strictly prohibited. Administrators will interrupt such processes without warning.
  • In case to compile the program, please use command qsub -I -q l_interactive -l nodes=1:ppn=1
    This will log you on the compute node, where you should perform program compilation.
  • If you want to perform computations it is essential to pass your grant ID using "-A" parameter while using qsub command or in PBS script. Detailed infrormation about grants can be found here.