Zeus vSMP

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Zeus vSMP
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Zeus vSMP
Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard
Model BL490c G6
Theoretical performance 8 TFlops
Architecture vSMP
CPU Family Intel Xeon 56XX
Cores 768
Interconnect Infiniband QDR 4X
Operating system Scientific Linux 5
Scheduling system Torque/Moab
Installation 2011
Hostname ui.cyfronet.pl
Admins Patryk Lasoń
Łukasz Flis
Marek Magryś

Zeus vSMP is the group of vSMP virtual machines dedicated for computations requiring large amount of RAM. Compute resources were purchased from Powiew project funds.

Compute resources

Model Number
of nodes
Processors Number of cores
per node
of RAM
HP BL490c G6 64 2x Intel Xeon X5650 12 2,66GHz 96 GB

Current configuration of compute resources

Software for creating virtual machines vSMP allows to build any number of machines of any size (which is a multiple of available servers). Currently for users there are available nodes described in the table below.

Number of cores Amount of RAM Number of available vSMP machines of given size
48 320 GB 7
96 630 GB 2
192 1,2 TB 1

Disk resources

480 TB of local disk space

Available software

Currently there is no dedicated software for vSMP machines. Available software is listed here

Essential information

Detailed information essential to run tasks on this part of Zeus can be found here.


Help for users PL-Grid: mailto:helpdesk@plgrid.pl
Contact administrators: mailto:zeus@cyfronet.pl, +48 12 632 33 55 ext. 107.